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Fruits of Bangladesh

Fruits of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a tropical country. So all the fruits that may grow in tropical climate grow here in plenty. They differ in size, color and taste.

Fruits grown in Bangladesh have a great variety. Some of them are big in size, some are very small and some are very small and some are medium. Some are sweet in taste, some sour, again some are bitter. The name of the main fruits are jackfruit, mango, banana, pineapple, papaya, berries of several kinds, guava, dates, coconut, palms, plum and so many others.

The mango is the king of all fruits of Bangladesh. It has a great variety in size, taste and flavor. The famous varieties are Himsagar, fazli, Langra, Gopalbhog, khirsapat etc. They are produced mainly in Rajshahi, Nawbgonj and Dinajpur. It grow summer.

It grow in Bangladesh in plenty. It has a thorny skin. It is very juicy, flavored and tasty. It is the biggest fruit in size and known as poor man’s fruit. Its seeds are also used as a kind of curry. It is our national ftuit.

There are many other fruits. They ate the guava, papaya, litchi, black-berries, plum, melon and water-melon, kamranga, lemon, dates etc.

The food value of the fruits are immense specially in respect of vitanins. Different kind of tonic, syrup, jams and jellies are made from fruit. Many poor people also live on the fruits like. As fruits are rich in food value. We should try to grow more fruits.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birds of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the homeland of million kinds of birds. We do not know the names of many of them. Some birds live around our house and some in woods, marshy lands and hills.

The birds living in our country are different in color, size, habit and beauty. The parrot, the maina, the chandana, the tuntuni etc. are very beautiful birds while the crow, the bulbuli etc. the kite the hawk are ugly. There singing birds like the cuckoo, the dove, the pigeon, are birds of game. Among all the birds the cuckoo is the most popular and the crow is the most notorious bird. The doel is our national bird.

Bird are very important and beautiful creation of our environment. They eat up worms and insects. They check pollution of water and air by eating refuse and dead bodies. Some birds amuse us by their sweet songs and talks.

Birds are the beautiful creation of Allah, Bangladesh abounds with birds. Wherefer we cast our eyes, we can see birds of various kinds, colors and sizes. We should have a kind heart for these useful and beautiful creatures.

Flowers of Bangladesh

The flower is a thing of beauty. It is the most beautiful creation of God. Bangladesh is rich in flowers. Every season has its own flowers. They feed our eyes and fill our mind with joy. Flowers are of various color and smell. Some bloom on permanent plants and some are planted in seasons.

The rose is called the queen of flowers. It is superior to all the flowers in colors and scent. The lotus and the marigold are also common flowers. They have different varieties. The sunflower is beautiful to look at. Sunflowers of different sizes are found in different places. Hasna hena, Beli, Gandharaj, Chameli, karabi, jui and malati are also popular flowers. They are famous for ther sweet scent. The cosmos, the shapla is the national flowers add to the beauty of our gardens in winter. Besides thes, wild flowers are found in plenty in Bangladesh. Of these, the krishnachura is the most beautiful. The shapla is ts the national flower and it blooms in pools.

Flowers have aesthetic value, they are the symbol of purity and beauty. We use flowers to decorate houses. We present flowers to friends and relatives on festivals. We get rose-water and scent from flowers.

Bangladesh is full of beautiful flowers. ` A thing of beauty is joy forever. People are fond of flowers. They plant them in gardens.

Rivers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is gifted with many rivers. No other country in the world has so many rivers as Bangladesh. In fact, rivers are a great source of her health, wealth and joy.

The padma, the megna the jamuna, the megna, the Brahmaputra and the karnafuli are the main rivers become full in rainy season.

The rivers serve us in many ways. (1) they carry a great deal of silt, scattered over lands, makes the soil alluvial and fertile. As a result better crops are grown. We also use river water for irrigation in the dry season. (2) the rivers are easy means of communication. People can travel to every corner of the country by boat or by steamer or by launch. Business goods are transported through the river way. (3) the rivers flowing town from the hills have strong current that can produce electricity. (4) moreover, these, rivers give us plenty of fish. Many of the people earn their living by fishing.

Rivers are not unmixed blessings. They overflow their banks, cause floods and damage crops. Thus they often bring us miseries and misfortunes.

These rivers are the heart of our agriculture. We are to depend on rivers for fertility of soil and for steady supply of water. If floods are controlled, these rivers will always be beneficial to us.

Student life

The period of life one spends in acquiring knowledge in educational instutytuibs us caked student life. It’s the best part of a mans life.

Student life is the period of preparation. Life in this world is full of struggles. To win these struggles students must acquire proper knowledge and adequate training.

Duties of student life are many . but the primary duty of student life is to acquire knowledge. He should acquire all the knowledge that might help him when he will take position in society and shoulder many responsibilities. He should bear in mind that knowledge is power and without knowledge he cannot win the battle of life.

Knowledge is very important but character is more important. A learned man without good moral character is hated every where. He is no better than a best. But a man of character, even if without much knowledge, is respected by all around him. However, if knowledge and character combine in a man, he is held in great respect. So while acquiring knowledge a student must build up character.

Student life is the sowing season of human life. Students should study while it is time to study and play while it is time to play. To build oneself mentally as well as physically to shoulder the responsibilities of the future and face the challenge of life.

The tourist spots of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is natures darling. On no other country of the worlds nature has bestowed so much beauty as on Bangladesh. It is nature has generously given us some spots that can fascinate any sort of people from home and abroad.

We are lucky that there are a good number of tourist spots in our country like the sundarbans, cox’s bazar, mohesh khali, himchari, sonargaon, teknaf, kutubdia, st. matyin island, mayanamati, jaflong, shat gambuj mosque, foi lake etc.

The Sundarbans is one of the largest mangrove forests in the world. There are world famous Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sundrbans. Various kinds of animals and trees have added the beauty of the forest. The sea-beach of the Cox’s Bazar is very attractive for tourists from home and abroad. It is the largest sea-beach of world. St Martin, Maheshkhali and Himchari look very beautiful. Kaukata is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Bangladesh. One can enjoy the sun-rising and sun-setting at kuakata. Paharapur is famous for Buddha Bihar.

The importance of the tourist spots is great. They have cultural as well as economic value. The government is earning about 650 million taka per year from the tourists home and abroad. There is a great scope for the development of our tourism industry. So the government should take proper step for the development of the tourist spots so that she can earn a huge amount of foreign currency every year which will help us in building our national economy.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Bangladesh is a low lying country. Flood is an annual feature in Bangladesh and every year it causes great damage to men and property. It is the most dangerous calamity in Bangladesh.

Flood causes heavy damage to our life and property. It ruins crops, washes away houses, uproots trees and destroys men and destroys men and cattle. There is scarcity of food and cattle. The communication is disturbed.

The after effecr of flood is more serious. There is scarcity of food and famine breams out. Many people die from starvation. The flood affected areas become muddy and unhygienic. As a result many diseases such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery breakout in an epidemic from.

It is not possible to control flood overnight. A wise plan is to be taken to prevent flood. In the first place the beds of rivers should be dredged. We should also build canals and embankments as well as big dams in the upstream of big rivers to administer our waters.

The flood brings us some advanages. It removes waste matter from the land and makes the land fertile. Thank and rivers abound with fishes.

Flood causes a heavy loss every year. So we must give flood control programme the top most priority and find out a permanent solution to this problem.


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